We have 2 services options for customer as followings 

1. EPC Service (Engineering Procurement and Construction: EPC) 
We provide turnkey EPC services : site survey, prelim design and detailed engineering design, procurement , logistic, construction, and grid connecting / synchronization, test & commissioning, project taking-over, periodic maintenance service, including project management, permit & license support

2. Private PPA* Service (*Power Purchase Agreement)
We provide Private PPA service for a customer who needs solar project investment support by an Investor. This service is fit with the customer who needs to save electricity cost without self-investment. The investor invest 100% in a solar project, operate & maintenance and sell electricity with attractive discount rate during 15 -20 service contract period. At the end of contract, the investor will transfer the solar plant to the customer without any charge.

EPC Turn Key VS Private PPA

EPC TurnkeyPrivate PPA
  Service ScopeNEONEO
   • Permit & License
   • Engineering & DesignNEONEO
   • ProcurementNEONEO
   • Construction & InstallationNEONEO
  Operation & MaintenanceOwnerInvestor
  Performance Guarantee2 YearsTo be discussed
  Insurance• Construction All Risks Insurance by NEO
• Property Insurance by Owner
• Construction All Risks Insurance
• Property Insurance by Developer
  Contract PeriodConstruction Period 6 -12 Months15-20 Years
  Electricity Tariff-Discount 15% -20% from existing cost 
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