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EPC solar cell installation, or the full name Engineering Procurement and Construction, is a complete solar cell installation service in terms of engineering design. Installation of solar cell system structure Request permission for the project in On Grid, Hybrid or Off Grid formats as agreed upon. After the company has installed the solar cell system until it can be used. The investigation is still ongoing. and regularly maintain the solar cell system after installation To ensure that the solar cell system that has been installed Will be able to work with maximum efficiency according to the employer's needs. NEO Clean Energy provides services that cover all processes. Makes it possible to contact only once and use it from start to finish with One Stop Service.
NEO Clean Energy Company Limited or “NEO” was founded in 2015, established by individuals with design and construction experiences more than 20 years.  Our team are passionate and experienced with working collaboratively to achieve a successful project completion. With a vision to enhance environmental sustainability, NEO has focused on Solar and Energy Storage System Solution. NEO’s services are project development, financing, design & engineering, construction, permit and license application. As a leading renewable energy company of solar and energy storage solutions, we have a multidisciplinary and very high experience team, including energy auditing, engineering, project & construction management, commissioning specialists together with operation and maintenance expertises in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Recently, NEO is one of the main key success project implementation team of the world largest 58.5MWp Hydro-floating Solar Hybrid Project at EGAT Sirindhorn Dam, which is environmental friendly renewable energy electricity generation plant. Most importantly, the project helps reduce CO2 around 47,000 tons/year.

We have 2 services options for customer as followings 
EPC Service (Engineering Procurement and Construction: EPC) 
We provide turnkey EPC services : site survey, prelim design and detailed engineering design, procurement , logistic, construction, and grid connecting / synchronization, test & commissioning, project taking-over, periodic maintenance service, including project management, permit & license support
Private PPA* Service (*Power Purchase Agreement)
We provide Private PPA service for a customer who needs solar project investment support by an Investor. This service is fit with the customer who needs to save electricity cost without self-investment. The investor invest 100% in a solar project, operate & maintenance and sell electricity with attractive discount rate during 15 -20 service contract period. At the end of contract, the investor will transfer the solar plant to the customer without any charge.

We provide EPC service for all renewable energy power generation & energy savings technologies that are required by customer who are both of industrial sector & commercial sector. 

Main technology solutions that we serve are as followings :
Solar Projects (Solar Farm, Solar Rooftop and Solar Floating)
Energy Storage System (ESS)
Renewable Energy Power Generation & Energy Storage System (ESS) located at islands
Other energy savings & efficiency improvement  technologies such as boiler, chiller, air compressor, electrical system, air conditioning system etc.


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